About knitCircle

knitCircle - our mission is to create beautiful timeless sustainable knitwear by utilizing sustainable processes including Recycle, Upcycle and Botanical.  Be transparent about what each of our clothes are made of, and how they could help better the Earth.

Recycle: More than 30 years worth of experience we have been able to access to many innovative recycled materials from various mills. We delicately select these recycled materials with GRS (Global Recycled Standard) to create our collection

Upcycle: It is inevitable that over the three decades of continue manufacturing beautiful knitwear pieces to various high street brands world wide, there is a gigantic industrial waste from the production of our factory. We want to give new life to these materials into new shapes and look

Botanical: we continue to work with local communities to bring forward natural materials from various local crops and floras or using natural colours to create our collection